Design Process

All Projects Follow Web CDs Time Proven Process…

Web CD Productions has been developing and building CDs/DVDs and online solutions for over 9 years.  During this time, Web CD Productions has developed a proven design and implementation methodology known as W.E.B.C.D.  This methodology sets Web CD Productions apart from its competition and ensures that your company’s online objectives are met.

Web Information Phase

The Web Information Phase consists of meetings with your company to further discuss the requirements of the project.  These meetings will allow our team to review the overall project initiative and finalize its technical requirements.  The Web Information Phase deliverables consist of the Site Architecture, Home Page layout and Interior Page layout.  These deliverables are the blueprint from which your site will be constructed.

Emergence Phase

The Emergence Phase is taking the deliverables from the Web Information Phase and placing the home page layout on the website for review.  The objective of this phase is to finalize the look and feel of the website.

Build Phase

Once the Emergence Phase is complete, Web CD Productions starts the Build Phase.  At this time, the look and feel, content, and standards for development have all been agreed upon.  The architecture created in the Build Phase is used to develop the live website.  Web CD Productions will create the web pages, shopping carts and integration with any back-end systems.

Complete Phase

The complete phase is where the final steps are made prior to the site going “live”.  Integration with back-end systems are completed and tested with live data, and all website pages are populated with content.  Web CD Productions web developers will populate all static content manually using HTML.  Once the site is approved it will be made “live” by the Web CD Productions Technologies team.

Document & Support Phase

During each step of the process with Web CD Productions, your company will have a single point of contact.  Your contact will provide the final web site design documented on a CD for your backup purposes.